Caixa Cubo

[MO, 09. Mai, 20:00] CAIXA CUBO wurden vom Pianisten Henrique Gomide gegründet. Die Band - neben Gomide mit Noa Stroeter, bass & João Fideles, drums - verbindet traditionelle Aspekte der brasilianische Musiklandschaft mit aktuellen Strömungen des Brazil Jazz und serviert ihre ganz eigene Melange in einer modernen, globalen Fusion!
Formed by Henrique Gomide (piano), João Fideles (drums) and Noa Stroeter (bass), Caixa Cubo explores rich rhythmical Brazilian landscapes, combining them with modern Brazilian jazz trends. The trio was awarded full scholarships to pursue an MA in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, where they graduated in 2014. Their master researches dealt with cataloguing and researching an extensive variety of Brazilian styles, such as Bossa Nova, Samba, Choro, Baião, Ijexá in order to apply rhythmical and melodical concepts of the Brazilian Folklore in a Jazz context.
Caixa Cubo live at ZWE (Floßgasse 4, 1020 Wien)
Tickets : 15€ (Abendkasse)

Tel: +43 676 5474764

Floßgasse 4

1020 Wien                


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