ABEL marton nagy's COSMOS BAND

[FR, 27. Mai, 20:00] Psychedelic Space-Funk-Fusion-Rock... and of course... JAZZ
ABEL marton nagy's COSMOS BAND - https://open.spotify.com/track/5hypbvWzUmQ1FGiDvhbmwL?si=c8c231db014e4074
Concert lineup:
Melodi Begüm - vox
Ábel Márton Nagy - vox, keys
Marc Osterer - trumpet
Valentin Guenther - trombone
Michael Marginter - tenor sax
Nikolaus Holler - alto & baritone sax
Michael Reitinger - guitar
Vuk Vasilic - bass
Raffael Auer - drums
"In the vein of Frank Zappa meet Steve Vai, full of sound, colours and jazzy feels, we go all spaced out with Vienna, Austria, .. psych jazz fusion keyboard driven sound by ABEL marton nagy. This band has a deadly sound, and you can't get ways from it lightly. The band, fronted by composer / pianist / guitarist / singer- songwriter, Abel Marton Nagy is out now with their "Spacing Out..." album." - London Calling - Shades Of Rock
Little history:
• ‘LIVE in Porgy & Bess’ live album released in Sept. 2021
• ‘Spacing Out...’ album released in Jan. 2022
• MUK Joe Zawinul Prize winner in 2022 (AU) https://muk.ac.at/artikel/joe-zawinul-prize-der-muk-geht-an-abel-marton-nagy.html

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